AIR™ Sequencing-Grade Adapters

For NGS library prep



  • Ideal for next-generation sequencing, miRNA cloning and miRNA sequencing
  • Affordable alternative to adapters found in sequencing kits
  • Phosphorothioate, adenylation, blocking groups and other modifications available
  • For Illumina, 454 and SOLiD next-generation sequencing platforms 


Bioo Scientific’s custom next-generation Sequencing-grade Adapters are advanced tools for ultra-high-throughput sequencing. Custom adapters can be designed for use with SOLiD, 454 FLX, Illumina or any other next-generation sequencing platform.


  • Adapter Bar Coding Services Available
  • Supplier for Core Sequencing Facilities
  • Adapter Library Indexing Service Available 

Kit Specs

Bioo Scientific's AIR™ Sequencing-Grade Adapters are ideal for:

Genomic DNA Sequencing Oligos
Multiplexing DNA Sequencing Oligos
Paired-End Sequencing Oligos
DpnII and NlAIII Gene Expression
Small RNA Oligo Sequencing

To request a quote for AIR™ Sequencing-Grade Adapters email us your desired sequence and the quantity of adapter you need along with any modifications you want to