AflaFluor™ Total Aflatoxin Column Kit


Catalog# Product Name Quantity US List Price
1411-01 AflaFluor™ Total Aflatoxin Column Kit 25 columns + reagents Inquire
1411-03 AflaFluor™ Total Aflatoxin Column Spice Kit
25 columns + reagents Inquire

  • Complete kit to purify and detect aflatoxins in food samples using fluorescence
  • HPLC analysis not needed
  • Fast analysis


The AflaFluor™ Total Aflatoxin Column Kit contains AflaPure™ Total Rapid immunoaffinity columns and reagents for the convenient purification, enrichment and quantitation of total aflatoxin (B1, B2, G1 and G2) from a variety of food and feed samples using a fluorometer. 

The AflaPure Total Rapid affinity columns contain immobilized antibodies which bind all aflatoxins. When food sample extracts are passed through the columns, aflatoxins will specifically bind to the column while the other substances pass through. After washing the column with a wash solution, the aflatoxins are eluted using methanol. The eluate is mixed with the Derivitizing Reagent to increase the aflatoxin fluorescence and measured on a fluorometer calibrated with the Total Aflatoxin Standard included in the kit.

Aflatoxins are naturally occurring fungal toxins that can be present in many different types of food. Contamination of food with aflatoxin can cause a variety of illnesses, including liver cancer. 

This kit is manufactured to the international quality standard ISO 9001:2008.

Kit Specs

The AflaFluor Total Aflatoxin Column Kit contains columns, 10X Derivitizing Reagent, and a Total Aflatoxin Standard. Store the kit at 4°C away from direct light.