MaxSignal® Oxytetracycline ELISA Kit


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1081-01D MaxSignal® Oxytetracycline ELISA Kit
1 x 96 wells

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  • Rapid and cost-effective extraction methods that offer recovery rates
  • High sensitivity - 0.15 ppb
  • Low detection limit - 3 ppb for honey samples
  • A quick ELISA assay
  • High reproducibility


ELISA for the Detection of Oxytetracycline in Honey, Milk, Urine and Meat

The MaxSignal® Oxytetracycline ELISA Test Kit is a competitive enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative analysis of oxytetracycline in honey, milk, urine and meat. Oxytetracycline is a broad spectrum antibiotic which is frequently employed in animal production for its excellent antibacterial and pharmacokinetic properties.

Bioo Scientific also offers kits for the detection of tetracycline, chlortetracycline and doxycycline.

This kit is manufactured to the international quality standard ISO 9001:2008.

Kit Specs

PLATE: 1 x 96 well (Removable 8 wells x 12 strips)

MEASUREMENT: Microtiter plate reader (450 nm)

TESTS PER KIT: The kit has the capacity for 96 determinations or testing of 42 samples in duplicate

SHELF LIFE: 12 months when the kit is properly stored.

STORAGE: STORE THE KIT AT 2-8°C. If you are not planning to use the kit for over 1 month, storing Oxytetracycline Standard Stock, Oxytetracycline Antibody #1 and 100X HRP-Conjugated Antibody #2 at -20°C or in a freezer is recommended.

MaxSignal Oxytetracycline ELISA Detection Limits

MaxSignal Oxytetracycline ELISA Detection Limits