AuroFlow™ Strip Tests

Easy-to-Use Strip Tests for the Rapid Screening of Antibiotic Residues in Milk

The AuroFlow™ lateral flow test strips are designed for the detection of a broad range of antibiotics in raw, commingled cow’s milk. These rapid tests detect 14 beta-lactam antibiotics, major tetracyclines and 11 major sulfonamides in milk at or below EU and CODEX Maximum Residue Limits (MRL). The combo kits allow simultaneous detection of different classes of antibiotic residues. The AuroFlow™ BTS Combo Kit can detect more antibiotics at or below the MRL, compared to any available competitor kit. Validation reports are available showing the efficacy of the tests in both room temperature and cold milk. The fast, simplified protocol can be seen below (Figure 1).

New AuroFlow™ PR1ME™ Beta Lactam MRL Assay ILVO Approved

The latest technology used in the AuroFlow™ PR1ME™ products remove the upfront mixing step enabling the user to go from sample to results in less than 10 minutes with no work in between. The new PR1ME™ products have the capability of detect 17 beta-lactams (including select metabolites) and 3 tetracyclines below EU MRL requirements. The faster, and even more simplified protocol can be seen below (Figure 2).


AuroFlow™ Test Kits


Catalog# Product Name Quantity US List Price
 1067-01 AuroFlow™ Beta-Lactam Strip Test Kit 96 strips  Inquire
 1087-01 AuroFlow™ BT Combo Strip Test Kit 96 strips  Inquire
 1116-01 AuroFlow™ BTS Combo Strip Test Kit 96 strips  Inquire
 1133-02 AuroFlow™ PR1ME™ Beta-lactam MRL Assay 100 strips  Inquire
 1134-02 AuroFlow™ PR1ME™ BT Combo MRL Assay 100 strips  Inquire
 1952-02 QuickSTAR™ Strip Reader 1 each  Inquire
 6005 AuroBLOCK™ 1 each  Inquire


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