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Bioo Scientific Launches ELISA for Screening of Ethoxyquin in Fishmeal, Fish, Shrimp, Feed and Meat

March 16, 1026

Bioo Scientific has launched the MaxSignal® Ethoxyquin ELISA Test Kit to facilitate rapid screening of fishmeal, fish, shrimp, feed and meat for ethoxyquin (EQ) residues. Ethoxyquin is used as a feed additive in the EU and is added to fishmeal as an antioxidant to prevent the oxidation of omega-3 fatty acids found in fishmeal, and to prevent its spontaneous combustion during transport and storage. However, the EU has been concerned that there is insufficient data to assess the safety of EQ, its metabolites and impurities. The EU is currently analyzing EQ to review its use as a feed additive. The EU could potentially require that the amount of ethoxyquin either be reduced or eliminated completely depending upon these studies.

With sensitive detection limits of 0.1 ppb and cost effective extraction methods, the MaxSignal Ethoxyquin ELISA Test Kit is the best tool available for rapid screening of food products for EQ. This kit is manufactured to the international quality standard ISO 9001:2008 (ISO CI#: SARA-2009-CA-0114-A).