BiooPure™ RNA Isolation Reagent


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  1. Offers high yields of total RNA from tissues and cells
  2. Includes protocol for enrichment of microRNA
  3. Works well for recovering RNA from cell-free fluids
  4. Includes inert co-precipitant for maximizing RNA recovery 


The BiooPure™ RNA Isolation Reagent is a single-phase reagent for extraction of total RNA or enriched small RNA (including miRNA) from solid tissues, cultured cells, and cell-free fluids such as serum and plasma. The BiooPure Reagent contains guanidinium, a powerful chaotropic agent effective for rapidly inactivating nucleases, and phenol, an organic solvent used to denature and separate proteins and DNA from RNA. 

Selected Publications that Cite Use of BiooPure: 

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Kit Specs

The BiooPure RNA Isolation Reagent contains enough reagents for processing up to 10 grams of solid tissue or approximately 108 – 109 eukaryotic cells.


The MSDS for the BiooPure RNA Isolation Reagent can be downloaded here.