CGGBP1 Mitigates Cytosine Methylation at Repetitive DNA Sequences

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Dr. Singh and others from Uppsala University and EMBL recently reported that CGGBP1 is important for regulation of DNA methylation. CGGBP1 is a repetitive DNA-binding transcription regulator with target sites at CpG-rich sequences such as CGG repeats and Alu-SINEs and L1-LINEs.

Dr. Singh et al. used the NEXTflex Bisulfite-Seq Kit and NEXTflex Bisulfite Barcodes to construct Illumina-compatible libraries for genome-wide CpG methylation analysis of DNA isolated from 1064Sk normal human foreskin fibroblasts with and without CGGBP1-depletion. With this analysis they identified CGGBP1 to be a negative regulator of CpG methylation at repetitive DNA sequences.

Apart from histone-modifying proteins HDACs and HMTs and pRB, CGGBP1 is the first factor described to have negative effects on cytosine methylation, and is important for regulation of DNA methylation. This has implications on silencing of Alu and LINE-1 repeats, heterochromatin formation on simple and satellite repeats, and hence on genome integrity and function.

Agarwal, P., et al. (2015) CGGBP1 mitigates cytosine methylation at repetitive DNA sequences. BMC Genomics, 16:390. doi:10.1186/s12864-015-1593-2.

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