Cell and Tissue Culture Services



  • A committed team of scientists with years of experience in performing cell and tissue culture services
  • State-of-the-art cell and tissue culture facilities
  • Our cell culture services interface with our animal services allowing projects to be easily moved into animal models
  • Superior project management and customer service


As a service industry leader, Bioo Scientific offers a full line of tissue and cell culture services to meet your specific needs. Our streamlined service can take your cell line from initial passage to apoptosis and toxicity testing. Our cell culture services interface with our animal services so that projects can be easily moved into models of biological relevance. At all times, we will maintain and protect your intellectual property by providing comprehensive documentation of all results and procedures.


List of Services


General Cell Culture

- Maintenance and passaging of cell lines
- Large scale amplification, of cell lines
- Transient transfection of cell lines
- Generation of stably transfected cell lines
- Cell banking

Apoptosis/Necrosis and Cell Cycle Assessment Screening

- TUNEL, Annexin V, Caspase Assays
- Cell cycle analysis

Plasmid and RNAi Agent Testing

- miRNA target validation
- RNAi agent testing
- transfection optimization

Cell Culture Drug Toxicity Testing

- Dose-response relationships
- IC50 studies
- Stem cell proliferation
- Chemotherapeutics on CFU growth
- Apoptosis monitoring

Mouse/Rat Cell Isolation

- Hematopoietic
- Mesenchymal
- Monocyte
- B Cells
- T Cells
- Dendritic Cells

Free Project Review

Without obligation, we can set-up a meeting for you with a dedicated project manager to discuss your project. We will provide you with an estimate of project feasibility, timelines, and costs. To begin your discussion, contact us today by email at services@biooscientific.com or by phone at 1-512-707-8993.