Bioo Scientific News and Press Releases

Bioo Scientific Press Releases & News

06.14.16 Bioo Scientific Launches BRCA1/2 Amplicon Panel for Detection of Somatic Mutations in FFPE Samples
05.17.16  Bioo Scientific Releases ELISA to Rapidly Screen Duck, Chicken and Pork for MQCA Residues
05.09.16  Bioo Scientific Launches Rapid Strip Test for Detection of Total Aflatoxin in Grain, Nuts and Seeds
04.10.16  $550,000 Awarded to Bioo Scientific to Enable the Improvement of Single Cell Sequencing Technologies
03.16.16 Bioo Scientific Launches ELISA for Screening of Ethoxyquin in Fishmeal, Fish, Shrimp, Feed and Meat
03.15.16  Bioo Scientific Granted Patent for Small RNA Sequencing Technology
01.20.16 Bioo Scientific is Participating in a Seminar for the US Department of Commerce
01.19.16 Bioo Scientific Completes ISO 9001:2008 Recertification Process
11.23.15 Bioo Scientific Launches Completely Gel-Free or Low Input Small RNA Library Prep Kit
11.23.15 The MaxSignal Colistin ELISA Test Kit Can Help Prevent the Antibiotic Apocalypse by Keeping Last Resort Drugs Out of the Food Supply
11.05.15 Bioo Scientific Showcases Amplicon Panels and Solutions for Liquid Biopsy Analysis at AMP 2015
10.20.15 Bioo Scientific Releases Low-input, High Multiplexing Library Prep Solution for SeqCap Target Capture
10.07.15 Bioo Scientific Showcases Solutions Designed to Improve Exome Capture at ASHG 2015
09.24.15 Bioo Scientific Releases Automated Small RNA Library Prep Protocol for the Sciclone NGS Workstation
09.23.15 Bioo Scientific Showcases Innovative Solutions for Rapid Food Safety Testing at AOAC 2015
09.21.15 Bioo Scientific Launches Enzymatic Assay for Accurate Homocysteine Analysis in Model Organisms
09.02.15 Bioo Scientific receives USDA approval for using its ELISA to Screen Meat for Ractopamine Residues
08.28.15 Bioo Scientific Honored for Increasing Austin’s Ability to Compete in the Global Marketplace
08.25.15 Bioo Scientific Enables the Sensitive Detection of a Broad Range of Beta-Lactam Antibiotics in Food
07.21.15 Bioo Scientific Increases Multiplexing Capabilities for Illumina Sequencing with >2,000 Single-Index Barcodes
07.08.15 Bioo Scientific Releases Enzyme Assay for Sulfite Detection in Food and Beverage Samples
06.15.15 Bioo Scientific Launches One-component, Ready-to-use TMB to Simplify ELISA Kits and Improve Their Stability
06.10.15 Bioo Scientific Releases Automated NEXTflex Protocols for the Sciclone NGS Workstation
05.28.15 Bioo Scientific Recognized With 2015 Tibbetts Award
04.08.15 Bioo Scientific Releases ELISA to Increase Sensitivity of Histamine Detection in Fish and Fish Meal
02.24.15 Bioo Scientific Unveils Bias Reducing Technology to Increase the Accuracy of Small RNA-Seq at AGBT
02.12.15 Bioo Scientific Releases Complete Library Prep Combo Kit to Improve SureSelectXT2 Target Capture
02.09.15 Bioo Scientific Partners with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai to Reduce Ligation Bias in Next Generation Sequencing
02.02.15 Bioo Scientific Launches Kit Offering Robust, Automation-friendly cfDNA Isolation
01.18.15 Bioo Scientific Releases MaxSignal Colistin ELISA Test Kit for the Rapid Quantitation of Colistin in Meat
01.08.15 Bioo Scientific Releases 18S ITS rRNA Library Prep Kit to Simplify Eukaryotic Metagenomic Studies
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