Targeted in vivo siRNA Delivery Tools and Services

  1. Quantifiable – Using HPLC with PDA and fluorescence detector or other gel electrophoresis technology
  2. Flexible – We can choose the right linker (commercial or our proprietary linkers) based on your needs
  3. Efficient – Usually >80% efficient linker-biomolecule conjugations
  4. High Yields - Purify 40–60% of starting biomolecules 


Bioo Scientific’s team of conjugation experts provide the specialty synthesis expertise needed to synthesize chemical compounds made to your unique specifications. Bioo Scientific is an ideal and reliable partner for conjugation development. We manufacture custom bioconjugation reagents under a strict quality control process to assure our customers’ complete satisfaction. Bioo Scientific has both the experience and expertise to allow our team to make conjugations to antibodies, oligos, proteins, peptides and solid surfaces. These custom conjugations are designed to meet our customers’ needs efficiently and affordably. Bioo Scientific also offers delivery flexibility allowing you to either receive your conjugates in small quantities, at regular intervals or in bulk quantities. 

Free Project Review 

Without obligation, we can set-up a meeting for you with a dedicated project manager to discuss your project. We will provide you with an estimate of project feasibility, timelines, and costs. To begin your discussion, contact us today by email at or by phone at 1-512-707-8993.


List of Services

Protein/antibody/enzyme/peptide conjugations, labeling, and immobilization, such as malachite green-BSA for antibody production

DNA/RNA/Oligonucleotide conjugation, such as siRNA-folic acid conjugation for targeted delivery of siRNA

Solid surface/solid support/bead conjugations, such as sepharose 4B - aflatoxin conjugate for immunoaffinity column



To request a quotation, please call or email us with your specifications. A scientist at Bioo Scientific will be glad to go over our procedures and provide you with a cost and completion time frame.

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