RNase A


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RNase A is a highly active ribonuclease purified from bovine pancreas. It cleaves at the 3’ side of phosphodiester bonds after pyrimidine nucleotides in single-stranded RNA. RNase A does not cleave DNA since DNA bases do not have the 2’-hydroxyl group required by RNase A for forming the cyclic intermediate cleavage product. The molecular weight of RNase A is 13.7 kDa. RNase A does not require any co-factors for activity.

Kit Specs

PRODUCT FORMAT: RNase A is provided as a 1 mg/mL ready-to-use solution in buffer containing 50% glycerol. 
ACTIVITY: RNase A is active over a wide range of temperature and pH conditions. 
COMMON USES: RNase A is commonly used in DNA extraction protocols, for example to remove bacterial RNA during isolation of plasmid or bacterial DNA. RNase A is also used in ribonuclease protection assays and to remove contaminating RNA from protein preparations. 
INACTIVATION: RNase A can be inactivated and removed from reactions by protease digestion followed by phenol/chloroform extraction and alcohol precipitation. 
REACTION CONDITIONS: Typically 1 – 5 µL of RNase A (1 mg/mL) is added to small-scale DNA purification reactions (carried out in microfuge tube format). The RNase A digestion reaction is incubated for about 10 – 30 min at room temp or 37°C. The exact time and temperature used are not critical. 
STORAGE: Stored at -20ºC 
SHELF LIFE: 1 year