MaxSignal® Automated ELISA Station

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MaxSignal® Automated ELISA Station
1 each

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  • Continuous Loading
  • Handles up to 27 reagents, 96 samples
  • Probe washes inside and out
  • Washes 8 wells at once
  • Completely open system - easy to program 




The MaxSignal® Automated ELISA Station is a computer controlled instrument system, capable of automating any or all stages of assay processing that involve these functions:


  • Fluid Handling - aspirates and dispenses from 2 µL to 1.95 mL
  • Incubating - heating temperatures - coil heats to 37°C, plate heats to 25°C or 37°C, or no temperature control (ambient). Reagent cooling available with optional Reagent Cooling Accessory
  • Mixing - reaction plate only
  • Timing - from 1 second to 24 hours
  • Optical Reading - UV/visible range
  • Calculating - uses numerous preprogrammed equations
  • Data Storage - unlimited capacity
  • Data Reporting - many options and customizations to choose from


The system allows one to define and program an unlimited number of customized protocols by selecting displayed menu options from a Microsoft Windows® software program. This open system can be programmed to perform any of the colorimetric biochemistry assays that can be handled using the volumes, temperatures, and wavelengths provided.

It has many possible applications in analysis of food and water, environmental testing and life science research.

Kit Specs

Maximum throughput: Up to 200 endpoint reactions per hour or 170 kinetic reactions per hour

Typical reaction Volume: 250 uL or less

Dimensions: 86cm W x 51cm L x 40cm H, approx. weight = 35kg

Calculation modes: Absorbance, single standard, factor, fixed time kinetics, kinetics by standard or factor, multi-calibrator point-to-point, linear regressions, log-logit, cubic spline, and nonlinear regressions (curve fit).


Voltage Range: 100-250VAC
Frequency Range: 50-60Hz
Power Maximum: 160W
Installation Category: CAT II