HistaStrip™ Test Kit

Visual strip test for histamine determination in fish

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1100-01 HistaStrip™ Test Kit
25 strips Inquire
1100-02 HistaStrip™ Test Kit 100 strips Inquire
590401 HistaStrip™ Starter Pack
96 rxns Inquire
590402 HistaStrip™ Replenisher Pack
192 rxns Inquire

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HistaStrip Test Kit for detection of histamine in tuna
  • Rapid and convenient procedure that takes only 4 minutes
  • Simple aqueous extraction
  • No instrumentation required
  • High reproducibility

Rapid Strip Test for Histamine Detection in Fish and Other Food Samples

The HistaStrip™ Test Kit is a novel visual colorimetric strip test for the determination of histamine in fresh fish, other seafood, fish meal, wine and milk. The HistaStrip Test Kit uses a colorimetric enzyme assay to rapidly detect histamine. The HistaStrip tests can detect unsafe levels of histamine in fish samples in only 4 minutes. The strips contain a pad impregnated with histamine-specific enzyme to measure the chemical reduction of a colored dye indicator. Sample is added to a well containing buffer and then the strip is dipped into the well for one minute. The strip is then removed from the well and allowed to incubate on the bench for three minutes to allow the color reaction to proceed to completion. The strip color change is then visually compared to a reference color card to determine the amount of histamine present in the sample.

Histamine is a contaminant sometimes found in seafood when improperly handled. Quality tuna has histamine levels below 50 ppm. High levels of histamine in seafood can cause scombroid poisoning. The amount of histamine can be determined using ELISA or LC-MS. However, these traditional methods require very expensive equipment and time consuming sample preparation procedures.


HistaStrip Consumables

The HistaStrip™ Starter Pack contains consumable plasticware and reusable pipets to perform the HistaStrip test. Consumable plasticware to perform the HistaStrip test is also available separately from the pipets in the HistaStrip™ Replenisher Pack.

Kit Specs

The HistaStrip Test Kit contains 25 or 100 tests. Store the kit at 4°C. The shelf life is 6 months when the kit is properly stored.

HistaStrip™ Protocol

Protocol for detecting histamine in tuna using HistaStrip Kit

Correlation between HPLC and HistaStrip Histamine Determinations for Big-eye Tuna Fillets (mean of triplicate measurements)

Corrrelation between HPLC and HistaStrip Histamine Determinations for Big-eye Tuna Fillets

Histamine in Big-eye Tuna Samples Corrrelation between HistaStrip and HPLC Determinations

Histamine in Big-eye Tuna Samples Correlation between HistaStrip and HPLC Determinations