HistaStrip™ Test Kit


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1100-01 HistaStrip™ Test Kit
24 strips Inquire

These kits are available for purchase by email, fax or phone only. Please email your order to bioo.sales@perkinelmer.com, fax it to 1-512-707-8122 or call 512-707-8993.

HistaStrip Test Kit for detection of histamine in tuna
  • Rapid and convenient procedure that takes only 4 minutes
  • Visual semi-quantitative test
  • Full quantitative results with reader

Rapid Strip Test for Histamine Detection in Fish and Other Food Samples

The HistaStrip™ Test Kit is a convenient dipstick technology for the rapid visual detection of histamine in a variety of sample types. The test strips can detect unsafe levels of histamine in only 4 minutes without the use of organic solvents or heating steps.

The HistaStrip test strips contain a pad embedded with enzyme that reacts specifically with histamine to reduce a dye indicator, producing a color change for easy visual interpretation of results. When the strips are dipped into samples containing histamine, the pad rapidly changes from white to a color designating the histamine concentration present in the food or drink. Detection capabilities using the strips are well below global action levels. The self-contained, visual test enables easy testing in and out of the laboratory.

The HistaStrip can also give full quantitative results using the QuickSTAR™ Strip Reader enabling the customer to determine exact levels of histamine in the sample and easily save data to a computer and quality assurance system. 

Kit Specs

The HistaStrip Test Kit contains 24 tests. Store the kit at 4°C.

HistaStrip™ Protocol

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