MaxDiscovery™ Human IL-1β ELISA Test Kit 


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2110-01 MaxDiscovery™ Human IL-1β ELISA Test Kit 
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  • Complete, ready-to-use kit
  • Cost effective
  • Quantitative determination of protein concentration
  • Sensitive - detect as little as 4 pg/mL
  • Reliable - thoroughly tested gene-specific kit
  • Colorimetric detection 


The MaxDiscovery™ Human IL-1β ELISA Test Kit is designed for quantitative determination of the concentration of human IL-1β in serum, plasma, and cell culture supernatant. 

Human interleukin 1β (IL-1β) is a 17 kDa protein which is produced by various cells. IL-1β has multiple functions including local inflammation. Following bacterial or immunoglobulin ligation of monocyte/macrophage CD14 (the LPS receptor) 17 or CD64 (the IgG receptor), IL-1β can be released into a local environment. Within this environment, IL-1β impacts a number of cells, facilitating mononuclear infiltration into an area of early inflammation. IL-1β also induces expression of itself in newly arriving monocytes. In terms of other pro-inflammatory molecules, IL-1β apparently is needed for the efficient production of IFN-γ. On resident NK cells, IL-1β apparently works in conjunction with macrophage-derived IL-12 to induce IFN-γ secretion, resulting in an IFN-γ induced activation of macrophages. Finally, IL-1β also induces the expression of MMPs from resident fibroblasts. This can have at least two effects: first extracellular matrix degradation can facilitate monocyte migration, and second, MMPs are known to degrade IL-1β, thus down-modulating the local inflammatory response initiated by IL-1. 

Selected References: 

Chiang, C.Y. et al (Nov. 2010) Fiber-optic particle plasmon resonance sensor for detection of interleukin-1β in synovial fluids Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 26 (3), p.1036. 

Kit Specs

Format: 96-well strip plate 
Assay range: 4-256 pg/mL 
Sensitivity: 4 pg/mL 
Total Assay Time: 3 hours and 45 minutes 
Sample Size: 100 µL/well 
Sample types: Serum, Plasma and Cell Culture Supernatant 
Wavelength for plate reading: 450 nm