DNA-Seq Library Prep Kits for Ion Torrent Platforms

Ion Torrent Compatible Library Prep and Multiplexing Kits

Bioo Scientific offers flexible and robust library prep and multiplexing kits for Ion Torrent based sequencing platforms. The NEXTflex DNA-Seq library preparation kits offer rapid and efficient Ion Torrent DNA-Seq library prep enabling the construction of DNA libraries from as little as 100 ng of DNA in a streamlined workflow. In addition, the new NEXTflex Cell Free DNA Sequencing Kit for Ion PGM and Ion Proton is optimized to prepare cell free DNA libraries for sequencing using Life Tech’s IOn S5, S5 XL, Ion PGM and Ion Proton sequencing platforms. 

NEXTflex DNA-Seq Library Prep Kit - Ion Torrent Compatible

NEXTflex Cell Free DNA-Seq Kit  - Ion Torrent Compatible

NEXTflex DNA-Seq Barcodes - Ion Torrent Compatible