MaxSignal® MTV-100 Multi-Tube Vortexer

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6004-01 MaxSignal® MTV-100 Multi-Tube Vortexer
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6004-01 MaxSignal Multi-Tube Vortexer MYV 100
  • Hands-free, high capacity vortexing
  • Pulsing program for interval mixing
  • Fits almost any tube rack
  • Up to 2500 rpm
  • LCD display
  • Easy setup & use
  • Timing function (00:00 to 99:59 h)
  • Brushless motor with precise speed
  • Long-lifetime

The MaxSignal® MTV-100 Multi-Tube Vortexer is a heavy duty vortex mixer designed to facilitate hands-free mixing using a broad range of tube racks for a number of applications. The precisely-balanced drive system includes a brushless motor that delivers accurate, reproducible speeds up to 2,500 rpm with rattle-free operation and minimal vibration. The programmable pulsing function allows for time specific interval mixing, increasing agitation.

The MaxSignal MTV-100 Multi-Tube Vortexer is easy to use. Simply load the sample rack, tighten the knobs and select the desired speed and run time on the digital control panel. Then press "Start" and the MaxSignal MTV-100 Multi-Tube Vortexer will perform unattended mixing for up to 100 hours.

The MaxSignal MTV-100 Multi-Tube Vortexer’s large capacity and adaptability make it an ideal choice for any laboratory.

Exchangeable Tube Foam Rack (inquire for pricing and availability)

Exchangeable Tube Foam Rack

Kit Specs

Normal operating conditions

Ambient temperature: 4ºC 45ºC

The relative humidity:  ≤ 70%

Power supply: AC100-240V 1.5A


Basic parameters

Speed:  500 – 2,500 rpm

Orbit:    3.6mm

Time setting:      1 minute -  99 hours 59 minutes

Max. load:           4.5 kg

Input power:     60 W

Outer dimension (mm):                426×250×480

Weight (kg):       14.5