MaxSignal® Spectinomycin ELISA Test Kit

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MaxSignal® Spectinomycin ELISA Test Kit

1 x 96 wells Inquire

MaxSignal Spectinomycin ELISA Test Kit
  • Rapid, organic reagent-free extraction methods for various sample types with high recovery rates
  • High sensitivity
  • Low detection limit
  • Quick ELISA assay - less than 2 hours regardless of number of samples
  • High reproducibility

The MaxSignal® Spectinomycin ELISA Test Kit is a competitive enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative analysis of spectinomycin. This kit is a competitive colorimetric ELISA assay. Spectinomycin has been coated in the plate wells. During the analysis, sample is added along with the primary antibody specific for spectinomycin. If spectinomycin the target is present in the sample, it will compete for the antibody, thereby preventing the antibody from binding to the spectinomycin attached to the well. The secondary antibody, tagged with a peroxidase enzyme, targets the primary antibody that is complexed to spectinomycin on the plate wells. The resulting color intensity, after addition of substrate, has an inverse relationship with the target concentration in the sample.


Spectinomycin is an antibiotic useful for the treatment of the bacterial infection, gonorrhea. It is marketed as the hydrochloride salt spectinomycin hydrochloride under the trade name Trobicin. It is anin aminocyclitol class drug, closely related to the aminoglycosides, produced by the bacterium Streptomyces spectabilis. The WHO has assigned the following MRLs (maximum residue limits) for spectinomycin: muscle (cattle, pigs, sheep and chickens): 0.5 mg/kg; liver and fat (cattle, pigs, sheep and chickens): 2 mg/kg; kidney (cattle, pigs, sheep and chickens): 5 mg/kg; milk (cattle): 0.2 mg/kg; eggs (chickens): 2  mg/kg. To protect the consumers against health risks and avoid food-technological problems, a sensitive and simple method for the detection of spectinomycin is necessary.

This kit is manufactured to the international quality standard ISO 9001:2008.

Kit Specs

The MaxSignal Spectinomycin ELISA Test Kit has the capacity for 96 determinations or testing of 42 milk samples in duplicate (assuming 12 wells for standards). Return any unused microwells to the foil bag and reseal them with the desiccant provided in the original package. Store the kit at 2-8°C*.