NEXTflex® Custom Amplicon Panels

Custom amplicon panels for Illumina or Ion Torrent-based sequencing for large projects

  • 100% coverage of targeted regions
  • High quality primer design - NEXTflex® Amplicon Studio™ delivers panels with >90% of bases covered at 0.2x of mean coverage and >90% reads on target
  • Validation and optimization – every panel is optimized to increase uniformity and decrease off-target reads
  • Verified - Panels may be validated using a customer’s samples
  • Complete solution – Panels are delivered with designed primers, library construction and amplification reagents and barcodes for multiplexing
  • Up to 384 sample barcodes available for multiplexing on Illumina® platforms. 64 sample barcodes available for Ion platforms.
  • Scientist-level technical support throughout project design and delivery

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Custom NEXTflex® Amplicon Design and Panel Development

The NEXTflex® Custom Amplicon Panels are fully customizable, amplicon-based assays for targeted resequencing on the Illumina® or Ion Torrent sequencing platforms. This highly targeted approach offers unparalleled efficiency for discovering, validating, and screening genetic variants. Custom DNA panels can be designed for use with fresh or frozen tissue, FFPE and cell free samples.

High Quality Primer Design with NEXTflex® Amplicon Studio

Quality primer design is the most critical aspect of PCR based targeted sequencing. NEXTflex Amplicon Studio™ delivers panels with >90% of bases covered at 0.2x of mean coverage and >90% reads on target. Bioo Scientific’s proprietary primer design software harnesses the power of computation and exploits the relationship between all user-specified arguments. Well-defined primer selection criteria, robustness, and an interactive and flexible design fueled by machine learning allows Bioo Scientific to produce high quality candidate primers for any target. NEXTflex Amplicon Studio’s novel scoring system considers a range of factors including base composition, coverage, primer interaction, specificity and several other proprietary metrics. This scoring system allows for a formal quality comparison between all primers in a set.  Another unique software feature of NEXTflex Amplicon Studio is the design of at least ten primer pairs per amplicon. Having multiple primer pair options is necessary in downstream analysis since non-specific interactions can then be resolved with simple substitutions, making the entire design a more fluent process.