Small RNA-Seq Library Prep Kits for Illumina Platforms

Reducing Small RNA Ligation Bias - Small RNA Library Prep Solutions for Illumina® Sequencing

Small RNA (miRNA) sequencing is used to analyze tissue specific miRNA expression patterns, disease associations and to discover previously uncharacterized miRNAs. Bioo Scientific’s line of NEXTflex™ Small RNA Kits for Illumina® sequencing are ideal for the conversion of these small RNA transcripts into barcoded cDNA libraries for next-generation sequencing on Illumina sequencing platforms. With the incorporation of randomized adapters to reduce bias and AIR™ Ligase to increase ligation efficiency; the Illumina NEXTflex Small RNA Kit V3 offer better data quality and a greater proportion of productive of sequence reads than any competitive small RNA library prep protocols. Additionally, the NEXTflex™ Small RNA-Seq Kit v3 improves small RNA analysis by making the library prep protocol completely gel-free or allowing for low-input small RNA library preparation. 

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Bioo Scientific’s line of library prep products for small RNA-Seq includes:

Library Prep Kits:

NEXTflex Small RNA-Seq Kit v3 - A small RNA library prep kit for Illumina® sequencing which provides randomized adapters for bias reduction along with gel-free or low-input protocols

Small RNA-Seq Barcodes for Multiplexing

NEXTflex Small RNA Barcode Primers - Barcoded primers for multiplexing libraries. Note these barcodes are supplied in the NEXTflex Small RNA-Seq Kit v3 and do not need to be ordered separately if using this kit

Custom AIR Adenylated Linkers

Predesigned AIR Adenylated Linkers

AIR Ligase