Target Capture Library Prep Kits for Illumina Platforms

Library Preparation for Target Enrichment

Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) is neither time nor cost effective for identification and analysis of specific genomic variants. Target capture strategies address this by reducing genome complexity to what is relevant to the question being asked.

Target capture approaches require whole genome library preparation followed by systematic target selection through probe hybridization to genomic regions of interest followed by sequencing. Pre-capture pooling of multiple samples prior to target capture is a cost effective method to maximize the amount of data obtained for multiple samples in a single sequencing run. NEXTflex Index specific blocking oligos.

Bioo Scientific offers complete Illumina library prep kits, adapters and blockers with the ability to multiplex up to 96 samples which are optimized for use with target enrichment systems including Agilent's SureSelect XT2 systems and the Roche NimbleGen’s SeqCap EZ Library target enrichment system. Additionally, library prep, barcode, and barcode blockers may be purchased separately for other solution-based hybridization target capture approaches. Please contact us at to discuss available protocols and methods.

SeqCap Library Prep Solutions

NEXTflex Rapid Pre-Capture Library Prep Combo Kit for SeqCap EZ Target Capture

NEXTflex DNA Barcode Blockers

NEXTflex DNA Barcodes

SureSelect Library Prep Solutions

NEXTflex Pre- and Post- Capture Combo Kit for SureSelectXT2 Target Capture

NEXTflex DNA Barcode Blockers

NEXTflex DNA Barcodes

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