Library Prep Kits for Ion Torrent Platforms

Library Preparation and Multiplexing Kits for Ion Torrent-based Sequencing

Bioo Scientific offers cost effective, validated DNA-Seq library prep kits, amplicon panels and single index adapters for Ion torrent-based sequencing. Libraries constructed using these kits are designed to work with all of ThermoFisher’s Ion Torrent-based sequencers including the new Ion S5 System, the Ion PGM and the Ion Proton. These NEXTflex library prep kits all increase the sensitivity, flexibility and speed of next-generation sequencing.

Ion Torrent Compatible DNA-Seq Library Prep

NEXTflex DNA-Seq Kits

NEXTflex Cell Free DNA-Seq Kit for Ion PGM

NEXTflex DNA Barcodes

Ion Torrent Compatible Amplicon Panels

NEXTflex BRCA1/2 Amplicon Panel

NEXTflex™ BRCA1 and BRCA2 Amplicon Panel for FFPE