NGS Library Prep and Multiplexing Kits


Bioo Scientific provides a complete portfolio of NGS library prep and multiplexing kits designed to increase the sensitivity, flexibility and speed of library prep for the Illumina and Ion Torrent sequencing platforms. We offer complete kits for:


  • Whole Genome Sequencing: The identifications of the entire genome sequence of a given individual or organism
  • SNP Genotyping: The identification of variation in genetic sequences
  • Metagenome Analysis: Examination of bacterial populations from environmental samples
  • Epigenetics: Epigenetics is the study of chemical reactions that activate and deactivate parts of the genome at strategic times and in specific locations.
  • Gene Expression & Transcriptome Profiling: The analysis of the expression level of RNAs in a given cell or population of cells 

Our NGS library prep kits include an extensive line of NEXTflex™ library prep kits, NEXTflex™ barcoded adapters and NEXTprep™ nucleic isolation kits that have been optimized for sample and library preparation, critical steps in next generation sequencing. We have focused our attention on increasing enzymatic efficiency to achieve robust, high-quality sequencing data and cost effective solutions for next generation sequencing library preparation.


To meet the demands of our high throughput customers, NEXTflex reagents can be supplied in bulk quantities with custom formats. Bioo Scientific has an optimized inventory management system to ensure overnight delivery. We are committed to collaborating and working with customers who have unique research applications.

NGS News

Bioo Scientific Unveils Bias Reducing Technology to Increase the Accuracy of Small RNA-Seq at AGBT

Bioo Scientific Releases Complete Library Prep Combo Kit to Improve SureSelectXT2 Target Capture

Bioo Scientific Partners with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai to Reduce Ligation Bias in Next Generation Sequencing

Bioo Scientific Launches Kit Offering Robust, Automation-friendly cfDNA Isolation

Bioo Scientific Releases 18S ITS rRNA Library Prep Kit to Simplify Eukaryotic Metagenomic Studies

$750,000 Awarded to Bioo Scientific to Continue Efforts toward Improving Small RNA-Seq Accuracy

What's Next in NGS Blog

Integrative Analysis of 111 Reference Human Epigenomes

Nature published an Integrative analysis of 111 reference human epigenomes in an open access article aimed at creating a reference collection of human epigenomes for primary cells and tissues as a resource analogous to the reference human genome, in which the NEXTflex™ Bisulfite-Seq Barcodes were used within the methods.

Using the NEXTflex Rapid DNA-Seq Kit with Custom Baits from MYcroarray for Target Capture

Dr. Gustafsson from the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences at the University of Gothenburg recently released an article, Sequence Capture (hybrid enrichment) – an overview, describing how the NEXTflex Rapid DNA-Seq Kit can be used in conjunction with the custom baits from MYcroarray for target capture and subsequent Illumina sequencing.

Bioo Scientific Partners with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai to Reduce Ligation Bias in Next Generation Sequencing

This partnership makes bias-reducing randomized adapter technology available to all researchers, allowing them to improve the accuracy of their small RNA-Seq analysis.

Improved Library Prep Offers Higher Percentage of On-target Reads and Better Coverage for SureSelectXT2 Target Capture

The NEXTflex™ Pre- and Post- Capture Combo Kit (Agilent SureSelectXT2 Compatible) offers all reagents required upstream and downstream of probe hybridization to prepare sequence-ready, multiplexed capture libraries compatible with all SureSelectXT2 bait sets.

Reducing Small RNA Sequencing Biases

A new tutorial posted on GEN, Reducing Small RNA Sequencing Biases, describes how using a randomized adapter strategy during library preparation reduces ligation bias, increasing the accuracy of small RNA-Seq. This bias-reducing randomized adapter technology has been incorporated into Bioo Scientific’s NEXTflex Small RNA-Seq Kit v2, allowing researchers studying small RNAs to make discoveries that may otherwise have been overlooked, and allowing for a greater understanding of many aspects of small RNA biology.


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Improving NGS Library Prep, a Critical Component to Sequencing  

Bioo Scientific has prepared an informational lecture, Improving NGS Library Prep, a Critical Component to Sequencing. Would you like your institution to be one of the hosts of this talk? Contact us to schedule an event.



Arizona State University
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March 23


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March 24

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March 31

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