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Bioo Scientific provides a complete portfolio of NGS library prep and multiplexing kits designed to increase the sensitivity, flexibility and speed of library prep for the Illumina and Ion Torrent sequencing platforms. We offer complete kits for:

  • Whole Genome Sequencing

    The identifications of the entire genome sequence of a given individual or organism

  • Targeted Resequencing:

    a highly targeted approach to analyzing specific genomic regions using amplicon panels

  • SNP Genotyping

    The identification of variation in genetic sequences

  • Metagenome Analysis

    The study of uncultured bacteria, fungus and micro-eukaryotic organisms

  • Epigenetics:  

    Epigenetics is the study of chemical reactions that activate and deactivate parts of the genome at strategic times and in specific locations.

  • Gene Expression & Transcriptome Profiling

    The analysis of the expression level of RNAs in a given cell or population of cells 

Our NGS library prep kits include an extensive line of NEXTflex™ library prep kits, NEXTflex™ barcoded adapters and NEXTprep™ nucleic isolation kits that have been optimized for sample and library preparation, critical steps in next generation sequencing. We have focused our attention on increasing enzymatic efficiency to achieve robust, high-quality sequencing data and cost effective solutions for next generation sequencing library preparation.

To meet the demands of our high throughput customers, NEXTflex reagents can be supplied in bulk quantities with custom formats. Bioo Scientific has an optimized inventory management system to ensure overnight delivery. We are committed to collaborating and working with customers who have unique research applications.

NGS News

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Bioo Scientific Releases Automated NEXTflex Protocols for the Sciclone NGS Workstation

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What's Next in NGS Blog

Featured Publication: The Genetic Evolution of Melanoma from Precursor Lesions

Dr. Shain and others from the University of California, San Francisco, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Orlando Health, University Hospital of Zurich, Dorset County Hospital and St. John’s Institute of Dermatology recently published research entitled The Genetic Evolution of Melanoma from Precursor Lesions in The New England Journal of Medicine (Shain, 2015).

Featured Publication: Identifying RBP Targets with RIP-Seq

Drs. Wessels, Hirsekorn, Ohler and Mukherjee from the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine recently published a RIP-Seq protocol which can be used to uncover genome-wide RNA transcripts that interact with a specific protein or protein complex. In this assay, ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complexes are immunoprecipitated (RIP) from cell lysates.

Low-Input, High Multiplexing Library Prep Solution for SeqCap Target Capture

The NEXTflex™ Rapid Pre-Capture Combo Kit (NimbleGen SeqCap Compatible) is a complete low-input library prep solution with the ability to multiplex up to 96 samples, working seamlessly with Roche NimbleGen’s SeqCap EZ solution-based capture system.

Improved SureSelectXT Target Capture Library Prep Solutions

The NEXTflex™ Pre- and Post- Capture Combo Kit (Agilent SureSelectXT Compatible) reduces the time required for library prep and incorporates index-specific blocking oligos which offer a higher percentage of on-target reads than traditional blocking oligos.

High-Speed, Multiplexed 16S V4 Microbial Sequencing on the MiSeq

The new NEXTflex™ 16S V4 Amplicon-Seq Kit 2.0 simplifies the construction of 16S V4 libraries from environmental samples. This complete kit simplifies your workload by combining all reagents necessary for 16S V4 microbial sequencing, including up to 384 barcodes for deep multiplexing.


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