Nucleic Acid Extraction and Amplification Services



  • Cost-effective services
  • Extensive experience isolating DNA, total RNA, mRNA and miRNA
  • Extensive expertise in animal treatment and surgical procedures
  • High-throughput processing possible
  • Superior project management and customer service 


Bioo Scientific is committed to providing affordable, high quality nucleic acid extraction and amplification services. Bioo Scientific’s scientific expertise can be leveraged to quickly obtain DNA and RNA from a wide variety of biological material. Routine extraction of DNA and RNA from cells, tissues, plants, and bacteria, can provide the starting material for experimental research and validation studies, in a more cost-effective manner when compared to in-house nucleic acid isolation. We also have capabilities for purifying nucleic acid from specialized samples, for example microRNA extraction from fractionated rodent blood (serum and leukocytes).

For situations requiring high-throughput processing of many samples, such as obtaining genomic DNA from mouse tails for screening transgenics, Bioo Scientific can deliver rapid results tailored to specific project requirements. Nucleic acid purification can be carried out on client-provided samples, or Bioo Scientific can provide source tissue according to client specifications. Also, we can interface our expertise in animal treatment and surgical procedures with our sample prep capabilities to provide DNA and RNA from target tissues over an experimental course of treatment.


List of Services

Extraction of DNA, total RNA, mRNA and miRNA from:

- Cells
- Tissues
- Plants
- Bacteria
- Specialized samples

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