MaxDiscovery™ Carbon Dioxide Assay Kit


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  1. High sensitivity and wide linear range (0 - 40 mmol/L)
  2. A rapid (5 minute) and robust enzyme-based assay which does not require expensive instrumentation
  3. High reproducibility


Assay for Determination of Carbon Dioxide Content in Animal Serum

The MaxDiscovery™ Carbon Dioxide Enzymatic Assay Kit is a plate-based colorimetric enzymatic assay for the determination of carbon dioxide content in serum. The kit uses a spectrophotometric assay to detect carbon dioxide directly from serum samples, enabling researchers to detect carbon dioxide levels in animal serum and other tissue matrices.

The MaxDiscovery Carbon Dioxide Enzymatic Assay Kit is a simple, direct and automation- compatible method for measuring serum CO2 levels. The assay uses a coupled enzyme assay to detect CO2 (as HCO3-) as follows. In the first step, the bicarbonate condenses with phosphoenol pyruvate to form oxalate (and phosphoric acid); this reaction is catalyzed by the enzyme Phosphoenolpyruvate Decarboxylase, PEPC. The oxalate is then enzymatically reduced by the enzyme Malate Dehydrogenase (using an NADH cofactor) to form malate and NAD+


Phosphoenol Pyruvate + HCO3-                Oxalate + H2PO4



Oxalate + NADH                Malate + NAD+

Since the NADH molecule absorbs light at 340 nm but the NAD+ does not, the decrease in absorbance is dependent on the presence of CO2 in the reaction. Therefore, the CO2 analyte causes a decrease in absorbance at 340 nm that is directly proportional to the CO2 concentration in the samples. The kit comes with a CO2 standard that contains 30 mmol/L of sodium bicarbonate in an aqueous solution. The kit contains sufficient materials to rapidly test 42 serum samples in duplicate.

The determination of serum CO2 is an important marker for the diagnosis of many diseases. Elevated levels of plasma CO2 are strongly associated with respiratory acidosis and metabolic alkalosis, whereas low level of plasma CO2 indicates metabolic acidosis and respiratory alkalosis. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in serum or plasma exists primarily as bicarbonate (HCO3-). In the human body, 95% of the CO2 is present as HCO3-, so serum CO2 is essentially a measure of serum HCO3-.

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MaxDiscovery Carbon Dioxide Assay Kit Specs

The MaxDiscovery Carbon Dioxide Assay Kit has the capacity for 96 determinations or testing of 42 samples in duplicate (using 12 wells for standards). Store the kit at 4°C. The shelf life is 6 months after receipt when the kit is properly stored.