MaxDiscovery™ Total Protein Assay Kit


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5616-01 MaxDiscovery™ Total Protein Assay Kit
1 x 96 wells
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  • High sensitivity kit with a low detection limit (0.5 g/dL)
  • A rapid 10 minute, robust enzyme-based assay which does not require expensive instrumentation
  • Highly reproducible results 


Total Protein Assay Kit for Measuring Total Protein Levels in Serum Samples

The MaxDiscovery Total Protein Assay Kit is a simple, direct and automation-compatible method for measuring total protein levels in serum samples. After preparing the sera, the assay is performed by adding Total Protein Reagent into microplate wells containing 6 µL sera. After a brief incubation, the absorbance of each well at 540 nm is then measured using a plate reader.

This total protein assay kit is a Biuret assay and is based on the interaction of cupric ion (Cu2+) with protein in an alkaline solution.

Protein + Cu2+ → blue-violet complex

The intensity of the color, and hence the absorption at 540 nm, is directly proportional to the protein concentration. This kit provides direct determination of total protein in serum, plasma, and other fluid samples.

Proteins form the major portion of the macromolecular solutes in the blood. Protein in the plasma is primarily comprised of albumin and globulin. Changes in blood protein levels are associated with various disease states. Elevated levels of total protein in plasma have been strongly associated with a variety of diseases involving the liver, kidney, or bone marrow, as well as other metabolic or nutritional disorders. Low serum protein concentrations can be symptoms of overhydration, kidney damage, severe burns, or failure of protein synthesis (starvation, protein malnutrition, or liver cell damage).

MaxDiscovery Total Protein Assay Kit Specs

The kit contains sufficient materials to rapidly test 42 serum samples in duplicate. It also comes with a control solution containing a total protein standard which can be used to calibrate the assay.