MaxDiscovery™ Total Bilirubin Assay Kit


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3460-10 MaxDiscovery™ Total Bilirubin Assay Kit
1 x 96 wells
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  • Simple procedure
  • High sensitivity and low detection limit (1 mg/dL)
  • Rapid (5 minute) and robust colorimetric assay
  • Does not require expensive instrumentation.
  • High reproducibility 


Rapid Assay for the Determination of Bilirubin in Serum

The MaxDiscovery™ Total Bilirubin Assay Kit is a plate-based colorimetric method for the determination of bilirubin in serum samples. This kit uses a simple and direct spectrophotometric assay to detect bilirubin directly, enabling researchers to detect bilirubin levels in animal serum. The MaxDiscovery™ Total Bilirubin Assay Kit uses an aqueous diazotized sulfanilic acid reagent to modify bilirubin in the sample to an azobilirubin form which absorbs light at 550 nm. The absorption measured at 550 nm, is proportional to the concentration of total bilirubin in the sample. The kit contains sufficient materials to test 42 serum samples in duplicate. The kit also contains a control solution containing a standard (equivalent to 20 mg/dL bilirubin) which can be used to calibrate the assay and verify kit performance.

Bilirubin is a metabolite (breakdown product) of hemoglobin present in the bloodstream and liver of all mammals. In the liver, bilirubin is converted into a water soluble form (known as “direct bilirubin”). The determination of serum bilirubin is an important marker for the diagnosis of several diseases; elevated levels of bilirubin are strongly associated with hemolysis, blockage of the biliary tract, and liver disease.

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MaxDiscovery Total Bilirubin Assay Kit Specs

The MaxDiscovery Total Bilirubin Assay Kit has the capacity for 96 determinations or testing of 42 samples in duplicate (using 12 wells for standards). Upon receipt, store kit at 4 °C. The shelf life is 6 months when the kit is properly stored.