Preclinical Testing



  • Evaluate ADME/Tox of drug candidates quickly and accurately
  • We work with you to design and obtain IACUC approval of animal protocols
  • State-of-the-art animal facilities
  • Difficult-to-find research competencies 


Bioo Scientific offers preclinical testing services for drug development at our state of the art animal facility. Bioo provides a cost effective way of testing specific drug molecules in the small animal model system most appropriate for your goals with a focus on toxicity testing. This service enables the researcher to take potential drugs against clinically important targets into a preclinical setting for further validation in an efficient fashion.

We offer testing in a wide variety of models and protocols thus, to identify the options for your study please inquire at

Toxicity testing options:

- Carcinogenic activity testing
- Acute toxicity and Eye Irritancy enzyme assays such as AST, LDH, ALT and cytokine analysis
- Short term and long term repeated dose studies with in life and postmortem evaluations available
- Other services available upon request

Research Expertise

Partnering with Bioo Scientific allows you to tap into our pool of talented scientists with expertise in multiple functional areas.


List of Services

A few of our difficult-to-find competencies include:

- Animal surgery including ischemia models
- Orthotopic tumors including brain tumor xenograft
- Stent metastasis cancer model
- Fertility studies

Bioo Scientific’s experienced staff will work with you to design and execute cost-effective protocols for preclinical studies. Our scientists are here to develop and nurture relationships with our customers and be active participants in their projects’ success. We pride ourselves in doing excellent research with the utmost accuracy and personal integrity.

To request a quotation please call or email us with your specifications. A Scientist at Bioo will be glad to go over our procedures and provide you with a cost and completion time frame.

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