Predesigned AIR™ Adenylated Linkers

for cloning miRNAs and other small RNAs from primary RNA sources

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NOVA-510201 AIR™ Adenylated Linkers A
1 nm
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NOVA-510205 AIR™ Adenylated Linkers A 5 nm
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NOVA-510301 AIR™ Adenylated Linkers B
1 nm $148 Buy Now
NOVA-510305 AIR™ Adenylated Linkers B
5 nm $504 Buy Now
NOVA-510401 AIR™ Adenylated Linkers C
1 nm $148 Buy Now
NOVA-510405 AIR™ Adenylated Linkers C
5 nm $504 Buy Now



  • Ideal for next-generation sequencing, miRNA cloning and small RNA sequencing
  • 3’ end blocks prevent self-ligation
  • Pre-designed adapters are available with Ban-1, Ava-1, Sty-1, EcoR-1
  • Affordable alternative to other adapter suppliers


Bioo Scientific’s AIR™ Adenylated Linkers are 5’adenylated oligos with 3’end blocks, which are ready for use in miRNA sequencing or small RNA cloning.

AIR™ Adenylated Linkers are activated adenylated oligos that preclude the need for ATP in RNA Ligase 2 (RNL2) reactions. This allows for specific and clean ligations.

AIR™ Adenylated Linker A contains the Ban-1 restriction site sequence

AIR™ Adenylated Linker B contains the Ava-1 and Sty-1 restriction sequence sites

AIR™ Adenylated Linker C contains the EcoR-1 restriction site sequence

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Publications that Cite Using AIR™ Adenylated Linkers

Verbruggen, S. Ribosome profiling, a useful tool in the search for micropeptides. MS Thesis. University of Gent, 2015.

Kit Specs

Available in 1 nm and 5 nm quantities and custom orders are also available.