As a leader in the food and feed safety testing industry, PerkinElmer develops, manufactures, and markets a wide range of test kits for the detection of antibiotics, hormones, veterinary drug residues, natural toxins, constituents, and a variety of microbial and industrial contaminants found within the global food chain. Our goal is to provide food producers, processors, and government agencies with high quality test kits enabling compliance with global and local regulations to produce safe food for their customers.  Highlights of PerkinElmer’s food and feed safety product line include:

  • AuroFlow™ branded rapid lateral flow devices allowing customers to test for antibiotics and mycotoxins in raw milk in less than 10 minutes, with little or no required equipment;
  • MaxSignal® ELISA kits, including some of the most sensitive tests on the market, and offering a broad range of solutions for any customer;
  • Fastest AOAC-approved kit for detection of histamine on the market today, with as little as 15 minutes from sample to results.

With our quality management system certified to ISO 9001 standards, PerkinElmer, Austin site strives to deliver high quality products and services in conjunction with exceptional customer service and technical support.