NEXTflex™ AIR Fragmentation Kit

Optimized to physically shear uniform fragments of genomic DNA

Catalog# Product Name Quantity US List Price
5135-01 AIR™ DNA Fragmentation Kit 10 rxns & nebulizers $274
5135-02 AIR™ DNA Fragmentation Kit 40 rxns & nebulizers $994

  • Optimized to physically shear uniform fragments of genomic DNA
  • Allows smaller sample sizes and reduces shearing time
  • Offers 30% > DNA recovery than competitor’s fragmentation protocol 

The AIR™ DNA Fragmentation Kit is designed to shear genomic DNA into 150 to 800 bp fragments, which are ideal for second generation sequencing technologies. Nebulization repeatedly forces input DNA through a small hole in the unit, producing random fragments. These fragments are double stranded and contain 3’ overhangs, 5’ overhangs and blunt ends in a heterogeneous mix. 

Selected References: 

Carvalhais, L. C. (2012) Application of metatranscriptomics to soil environments. Journal of Microbiological Methods. 


Kit Specs

The AIR DNA Fragmentation Kit contains sterile, single-use nebulizers and AIR™ Fragmentation Buffer to fragment ten DNA samples for Illumina® or Roche® 454 next-generation sequencing. The shelf life of the AIR Fragmentation Buffer is 12 months when stored properly. All components can safely be stored at room temperature (20-25°C).

Using the AIR DNA Fragmentation kit, 1µg of Pseudomonas aeruginosa genomic DNA was fragmented, paired end libraries were constructed and sequence data generated using one lane of an Illumina GAIIx (2x51). There was an average of 159 reads per position and 92% of the reads mapped perfectly to Pseudomonas aeruginosa.