NEXTflex™ ChIP-Seq Kit

Library preparation for Illumina sequencing platforms using ChIP or genomic DNA

Catalog# Product Name Quantity US List Price
5143-01 NEXTflex™ ChIP-Seq Kit 8 rxns $260
5143-02 NEXTflex™ ChIP-Seq Kit 48 rxns $1,573
514120 NEXTflex™ ChIP-Seq Barcodes - 6 48 rxns $213
514121 NEXTflex™ ChIP-Seq Barcodes - 12 96 rxns $421
514122 NEXTflex™ ChIP-Seq Barcodes - 24 192 rxns $833
514123 NEXTflex™ ChIP-Seq Barcodes - 48 384 rxns $1,639
514124 NEXTflex™ ChIP-Seq Barcodes - 96 768 rxns $3,169


  • Ultra low DNA input requirement of 1 ng
  • For use with ChIP or genomic DNA samples
  • Optimized for low DNA input with NanoQ™ enzymes and buffers
  • Enhanced Adapter Ligation Technology offers a larger number of unique sequencing reads
  • 96 barcoded adapters for multiplexing contain embedded index sequence
  • Fast bead-based cleanup protocol shaves hours off of library prep time
  • Automation-friendly workflow is compatible with liquid handlers
  • Flexible barcode options – Kits containing 6, 12, 24, 48, and 96 unique barcodes
  • Compatible with Illumina sequencing platforms



The NEXTflex™ ChIP-Seq Kit contains specially designed NanoQ™ enzymes and buffers which allow for ultra low DNA input requirements of only 1 ng for sample preparation of chromatin immunoprecipitated or regular genomic DNA for next generation sequencing. The NEXTflex ChIP-Seq Kit also features Bioo Scientific’s proprietary Enhanced Adapter Ligation Technology, resulting in library preps with a larger number of unique sequencing reads. With these improvements to the ligation enzymatic mix, the user will now have the ability to perform ligations with longer adapters, and can expect to see better binding efficiencies. 

Simple Automation Friendly Workflow 

The NEXTflex ChIP-Seq Kit simplifies the library prep workflow by using master mixed reagents and a gel-free protocol using magnetic bead based cleanup. 


Improved ChIP-Seq Quantitation 

Do you need to improve the quantitation of your ChIP-Seq experiments? Molecular Indexes™ can be incorporated into your library prep, thus allowing identical DNA molecules in the starting material to be distinguished from PCR duplicates, allowing accurate quantitative analysis of ChIP-seq data.  In addition, molecular indexing is an ideal technology for studying SNPs, as polymerase errors can be easily distinguished from true polymorphisms. To learn more about incorporating Molecular Indexes into ChIP-Seq work flow visit the NEXTflex qRNA-Seq Kit page or read our blog post, Improved ChIP-Seq Quantitation with Molecular Indexing™.

Unparalleled Multiplexing Capabilities 

 Using the NEXTflex™ ChIP-Seq Barcodes, the user can index 6, 12, 24, 48, or even 96 samples at once providing unparalleled ChIP sequencing capacity.

For larger volume requirements, customization and bulk packaging is available. For increased flexibility, individual reagents (non-master mixed) are also available. Please contact for further information. 


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Kit Specs

The NEXTflex ChIP-Seq Kit contains enough material to prepare 8 or 48 ChIP or genomic DNA samples for Illumina® compatible sequencing. The shelf life of all reagents is 12 months when stored properly. This kit is shipped on dry ice.

NEXTflex™ ChIP-Seq Protocol