NEXTflex™ PCR-Free DNA Sequencing Kit

Amplification-free library prep for sequencing on Illumina platforms

Catalog# Product Name Quantity US List Price
5142-01 NEXTflex™ PCR-Free DNA Sequencing Kit 8 rxns $383
5142-02 NEXTflex™ PCR-Free DNA Sequencing Kit 48 rxns $1,776
514110 NEXTflex™ PCR-Free DNA Barcodes - 6 48 rxns $426
514111 NEXTflex™ PCR-Free DNA Barcodes - 12 96 rxns $841
514112 NEXTflex™ PCR-Free DNA Barcodes - 24 192 rxns $1,667
514113 NEXTflex™ PCR-Free DNA Barcodes - 48 384 rxns $3,278
514012 Agarose Gel Size Selection Kit 10 gel isolations $32
514013 Agarose Gel Size Selection Kit 50 gel isolations $143


  • Eliminates amplification bias and poor sequence representation
  • Improves read mapping
  • Reduces duplicate sequences
  • Better de novo assembly
  • New gel-free protocol offers faster library preparation
  • Enhanced adapter ligation technology with NEXTflex™ Ligation
  • Flexible barcode options - NEXTflex PCR-Free Barcode kits contain 6, 12, 24, or 48 unique barcodes
  • Bead-based cleanup protocol
  • Automation-friendly workflow is compatible with liquid handlers
  • Barcoded adapters for multiplexing contain embedded index sequence


Amplifying AT or GC rich genomic regions often leads to sequence biased nucleotide compositions and poses a serious challenge during analysis. Using specially designed master-mixed enzymes, the NEXTflex™ PCR-Free DNA Sequencing Kit completely eliminates the need for amplification, enabling better read mapping and a reduction in duplicate sequences, leading to reduced sequence cost and bias, for more representative base identities and better de novo assembly.

In addition, the NEXTflex PCR-Free DNA Sequencing Kit features patent pending Enhanced Adapter Ligation Technology, resulting in library preps with a larger number of unique sequencing reads. With these improvements to the ligation enzymatic mix, the user will now have the ability to perform ligations with longer adapters, and can expect to see better binding efficiencies. The NEXTflex PCR-Free Sequencing Kit simplifies workflow by using master mixed reagents and magnetic bead based cleanup, reducing pipetting and eliminating time consuming steps in library preparation.


Exceptional Multiplexing Capabilities  

Using the NEXTflex™ PCR-Free Barcodes, the user can index 6, 12, 24, or 48 samples at once providing exceptional sequencing capacity.


The NEXTflex PCR-Free DNA Sequencing Kit is designed to prepare gel-free libraries using magnetic bead based size selection. If you have specific insert size requirements and would like to perform agarose gel size selection, we recommend the NEXTflex™ Agarose Gel Size Selection Kit.

Download a copy of our Application Note, Tools for Enhanced Sequence Diversity and Reducing Bias in DNA-seq Library Preparation, which was recently published on Nature Methods.

For larger volume requirements, customization and bulk packaging is available. For increased flexibility individual reagents (non-master mixed) are also available. Please contact for further information. 


Selected References: 

Sato S, Sesay AK, Holder AA (2013) The Unique Structure of the Apicoplast Genome of the Rodent Malaria Parasite Plasmodium chabaudi chabaudi. PLoS ONE 8(4): e61778. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0061778


Kit Specs

The NEXTflex PCR-Free DNA Sequencing Kits contain the reagents to prepare 8 or 48 genomic DNA samples (0.5 - 3 µg) for Illumina®-compatible next-generation sequencing. The shelf life of all reagents is 12 months when stored properly at -20°C. Ships on dry ice.

NEXTflex™ PCR-Free DNA-Seq Protocol