NEXTflex™ RNA Sequencing Kit

RNA Seq library prep for sequencing on Illumina platforms

Catalog# Product Name Quantity US List Price
5129-01 NEXTflex™ RNA Sequencing Kit 8 rxns $308
5129-02 NEXTflex™ RNA Sequencing Kit 48 rxns $1,644
512911 NEXTflex™ RNA-Seq Barcodes - 6 48 rxns $213
512912 NEXTflex™ RNA-Seq Barcodes - 12
96 rxns $421
512913 NEXTflex™ RNA-Seq Barcodes - 24
192 rxns $833
512914 NEXTflex™ RNA-Seq Barcodes - 48
384 rxns $1,639
512915 NEXTflex-96™ RNA-Seq Barcodes - 96
768 rxns
512979 NEXTflex™ Poly(A) Beads
8 rxns
NEXTflex™ Poly(A) Beads 48 rxns $138
NEXTflex™ Poly(A) Beads 100 rxns  $276



  • Enhanced Adapter Ligation Technology offers a larger number of unique sequencing reads
  • Input - 10 - 100 ng of mRNA or rRNA depleted total RNA
  • Up to 96 barcodes available for multiplexing contain embedded index sequence
  • Automation-friendly workflow is compatible with liquid handlers
  • Functionally validated with Illumina sequencing platforms  






The patent pending NEXTflex™ RNA-Seq Kits provide an easy and flexible solution for generating single, paired-end and multiplexed libraries from mRNA or rRNA depleted total RNA. Using the NEXTflex™ RNA-Seq library prep protocol,  mRNA or rRNA depleted RNA is fragmented using a cationic buffer. Fragmented RNA undergoes first and second strand synthesis, followed by end-repair, adenylation, ligation and PCR.


We have recently launched the NEXTflex™ Rapid RNA-Seq Kit which incorporates a faster, streamlined protocol for RNAseq library prep and also includes the thermostable NEXTflex™ Rapid Reverse Transcriptase which is optimized for NGS applications.



This kit was designed to be used in conjunction with the NEXTflex™ RNA-Seq or NEXTflex-96™ RNA-Seq Barcodes for multiplexing. The availability of up to 96 unique adapter barcodes makes this the most high-throughput kit available for RNA-Seq.

Magnetic Beads for mRNA Purification

The NEXTflex™ Poly(A) Beads now provide a convenient method for batch purification of pure, intact mRNA upstream NEXTflex RNA-Seq library preparation. NEXTflex Poly(A) Beads beads use oligo(dT) primer to isolate polyadenylated messenger RNAs from 1 µg – 10 µg of previously isolated total RNA. 


Kit Specs

The NEXTflex RNA-Seq Kit contains enough material to prepare 8 or 48 RNA samples for Illumina® compatible sequencing. The shelf life of all reagents is 6 months when stored properly. All components can safely be stored at -20°C.

NEXTflex™ RNA-Seq Protocol



Relative Levels of ERCC Control RNAs in RNA-Seq Libraries 



Made from NEXTflex Poly(A) Bead Selected and Total RNA Correlation between expected and observed values for percentage of reads mapping to 94 ERCC control RNAs in RNA-Seq library made using 20 µL of NEXTflex Poly(A) Beads.  


Relative Levels of Different Categories of Endogenous Transcripts Detected in RNA-Seq Libraries made from NEXTflex Poly(A) Bead Selected and Total RNA 



Percentage of reads mapping to rRNA regions and regions of interest with and without Poly(A) bead selection.