Protein Services



  • Cost effective protein production and detection
  • Reliable, professional expertise
  • Our experts employ proprietary techniques to express, purify, and characterize proteins that are customized to meet your needs
  • Superior project management and customer service 


Move your protein production and detection work flow forward with Bioo Scientific’s Protein Services. Years of experience in expression, purification using bacterial or mammalian cell expression systems and characterization and detection using SDS-PAGE and Western Blot allows us to provide you with a complete service centered around your protein of interest.

Every step of protein expression, purification, and characterization is available through Bioo Scientific’s Custom Services. You can purchase the product you want in the scale and purity that meet your needs. Additionally, we will custom-dispense the final product in the quantities and packaging that best meet your needs. Our scientists are ready to assist you in determining the expression system, construct, and purification procedure that is right for you.


Free Project Review

Without obligation, we can set-up a meeting for you with a dedicated project manager to discuss your project. We will provide you with an estimate of project feasibility, timelines, and costs. To begin your discussion, contact us today by email at or by phone at 1-512-707-8993.


List of Services

Our experts can accelerate and assist your research in the following areas:


Recombinant Protein Expression and Purification Services

- Subcloning
- Transformation
- Expression

Protein characterization

- Western Blot Service