T3™- Max Conjugation Kit

For targeted delivery of siRNA

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  1. Offers targeted in vivo or in vitro delivery of siRNA or miRNA
  2. Can be used to target almost any cell or tissue type
  3. Flexible – works with multiple RNAi agents and routes of delivery
  4. Uses less siRNA
  5. Reduces off target effects
  6. Gentle and non-toxic 


One of the hurdles to delivering RNAi effectively includes being able to deliver siRNA into specific cells and organs. Using the T3™-Max Conjugation Kit, based on Bioo Scientific’s patent pending Targeted Transport Technology, scientists can administer siRNA to target cells and tissues using both in vivo and in vitro models.  The T3-Max Conjugation Kit lets scientists deliver siRNA or miRNA into any cell type they want by conjugating the T3 carrier to an antibody that is specific to a receptor or other extracellular domain specific to the cell or tissue type they want to target. The T3 procedure does not require any prior modifications of the antibody or the RNAi agent and can be performed in a few simple steps. 

T3-Max Conjugation Kit Procedure 

1. Identify an antibody that is specific to a receptor specific to your targeted cell type
2. Conjugate the antibody to the T3 Carrier 
3. Load the T3 Conjugate with siRNA or miRNA 
4. Administer to animal or transfect cell lines 
5. T3 Conjugate is taken up by targeted cells 
6. The siRNA or miRNA is released inside the targeted cells 

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Kit Specs

If you are planning on storing the kit for >1 month, we recommend storing the T3 Carrier in a -20ºC, frost-free freezer. The shelf life of the T3-Max Conjugation Kit is 6 months when stored properly. 

This kit is sufficient for 15 - 20 injections. The number of in vivo injections will vary depending on specificity of the user’s antibody, concentration of siRNA and target receptor population. Concentration optimization should be performed before each experiment. 

Each kit can conjugate up to 3 mg of antibody 
Each kit provides the reagents to make: 
3 mg of one antibody conjugate, or 
1 mg each of three different antibody conjugates, or 
2 mg of one antibody conjugate and 1 mg of two other antibody conjugates