Developing and Maintaining a Raised Without Antibiotics Production System

Helping you Develop and Maintain a Quality Raised Without Antibiotics Production System

Bioo Scientific, a leader in antibiotic detection, consults with individuals and companies that want to establish a Raised Without Antibiotics program to help them ensure the quality of their meat products. The areas that will be reviewed during this consultation include:

  • How to ensure antibiotics are not inadvertently introduced in animal feed
  • How to ensure antibiotics are not inadvertently introduced while the animal is being raised
  • How to ensure animals are free of antibiotic residues prior to sale

Bioo Scientific offers a wide range of assays for use in RWA facilities to simplify Raised Without Antibiotics, Certified Responsible Antibiotic Use or Antibiotic-Free programs. These kits test for antibiotics, growth promoters, or other drug residues, providing definitive results for documentation that meat is residue free. Such documentation bolsters consumer confidence in the quality of the products they purchase.

Rapid Analytical Methods to Monitor for Unintended Presence of Antibiotics in RWA Facilities and Products

Rapid test methods are ideal for the needs of typical RWA food producers, to monitor the quality of their supply chains. Rapid antibiotic tests fall into two categories, microbiological tests and immunoassays. These tests differ in their basic underlying principles: microbiological tests detect functional activity of antibiotics, while immunoassays detect antibiotics through their specific chemical structures.

Microbiological Tests

Microbiological tests are a good option for both individuals and larger facilities with QC labs. They do not require expensive equipment or detailed laboratory knowledge. The only equipment required is an incubator which can be set at 65ºC. These kits are general tests that screen for the presence of any antibiotic in the sample. Bioo Scientific’s MaxSignal® Total Antibiotics Test Kit (#1023-03) is an example of a microbiological test. It is simple and highly versatile: a sample is applied to a small vial that houses dormant natural bacterial spores. When heated, spores in vials lacking antibiotics will grow and divide, triggering activation of a colored growth indicator (negative result); in contrast, no color change is observed in vials containing antibiotics (positive result), since the antibiotics prevent spore growth. Microbiological tests are highly generalized and detect a wide variety of antibiotic types.


The other type of rapid antibiotic test kit, the immunoassays, are divided into two categories, ELISAs and lateral flow strip tests. Immunoassays generally use an antibody to recognize and bind antibiotics within the test sample. Immunoassays possess the flexibility to detect antibiotics in many types of samples found in the RWA facility, including feed, water, serum, urine, manure, wastewater, liver, and meat.

Lateral flow strip tests and ELISA tests are well-suited to perform complementary roles in QC protocols for RWA facilities. These rapid testing methods are simple and inexpensive, and can be used on-site to quickly screen test samples for contamination, while putative positive samples can be subsequently confirmed by a third party lab using instrument-based techniques.

Lateral Flow Strip Tests

Lateral Flow Strip Tests are simple, rapid assays that also do not require any specialized equipment to perform the test. These kits are used to test for specific antibiotics. The AuroFlow™ Sulfonamide Strip Test Kit for Feed and AuroFlow™ Tetracycline Strip Test Kit for Feed can be used to test for sulfamethazine and chlortetracycline (two veterinary antibiotics commonly used to medicate water and feed, respectively) anywhere in the production system.

ELISA Test Kits

ELISA test kits are designed for larger facilities which have a QC department and use a plate reader for high throughput. Bioo Scientific offers a complete line of ELISA test kits to detect contaminants in a variety of sample types. Here you will find a complete list of ELISA test kits which are ideal for use in an RWA facility.

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