Targeted in vivo siRNA Delivery Tools and Services



  • Custom In vivo siRNA delivery vehicles developed to target specific cell types
  • Difficult to find research competencies include in vivo RNAi delivery and analysis
  • State-of-the-art USDA and OLAW animal facilities 


RNAi is an invaluable technique to characterize gene function and is being evaluated for the treatment of numerous human diseases. While technologies are widely available for RNAi agent delivery into cells grown on plastic dishes in specially designed incubators, to fully understand gene functions and cellular pathways, in vitro results must be validated in animals. Bioo Scientific’s patent pending Targeted Transport Technology, T3™ facilitates targeted, in vivo delivery of RNAi agents.

Bioo Scientific’s T3-Max Technology involves conjugating an RNAi agent carrier to a monoclonal antibody to produce a conjugate, which is then loaded with an RNAi agent such as siRNA or miRNA molecules. The RNAi agent loaded conjugate is administered to an animal where it binds to and is internalized by cells recognized by the monoclonal antibody. The RNAi agent is then released to reduce the expression of its intended target. T3 will propel the validation of your animal experimentation, leading to a better understanding of cellular pathways, the identification of novel drug targets, and the ability to more efficiently deliver RNAi agents as drugs.

Now you can use Bioo Scientific’s T3-Max Technology to target any cell type for in vivo siRNA delivery. Bioo Scientific can develop custom conjugates developed to meet your specific needs. In addition, the experienced scientists can even carry out the experiments in-house in our 6,000 ft2 USDA and OLAW approved Animal Facility. Bioo Scientific can also manufacture the specific monoclonal antibody you need for the conjugation.


Bioo Scientific also has a predesigned antibody conjugate available. The MaxCarrier™ HER2 Antibody Conjugate which offers targeted delivery to breast cancer cells.


List of Services

Develop custom antibody conjugates to meet your specific needs

Carry out in vivo testing

Manufacture the specific monoclonal antibody for directed delivery


Bioo Scientific’s experienced staff will work with you to design and execute cost-effective RNAi studies to meet your specific research needs. Our scientists are here to develop and nurture relationships with our customers and be active participants in their projects’ success. We pride ourselves in doing excellent research with the utmost accuracy and integrity.

To request a quotation, please call or email us with your specifications. A scientist at Bioo Scientific will be glad to go over our procedures and provide you with a cost and completion time frame.

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